WTF Alert: Kylie Minogue Signs to Jay-Z's Roc Nation

This is almost weirder than Gwyneth Paltrow and Jay-Z being friends
Stefania D'Alessandro

Today in Left Field news: Kylie Minogue has signed to Jay-Z's record label, Roc Nation. Yes, the same Kylie that sang "The Loco-Motion" signed to the record label run by the same Jay-Z that sang "Can I Get A..." Billboard has confirmed that she signed to Roc Nation for management services—Kylie's still signed to Parlophone as a recording artist. 

A statement from the label reads, "We would like to welcome Aussie singer, recording artist, songwriter, actress and designer Kylie Minogue to the Roc Nation family! In a career now spanning 25 years, Kylie has released 11 studio albums, two live CDs, eight live concert DVDs, a greatest hits double album, and multiple video packages. She has released over 50 hit singles worldwide, including the Grammy-winning 'Come Into My World,' and has sold more than 68 million albums worldwide." Kylie's new labelmates include Calvin Harris, J. Cole and Rita Ora (among other artists), so that office Christmas party is going to be really interesting. 

Even more exciting: New Kylie music is on the way! A source tells Billboard that a new Kylie single will be out "soon," as the singer's been working on new music since early 2012. 

Kylie's new album will be the follow-up to 2010's Aphrodite

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