Overheard During Beyonce's Super Bowl Halftime Performance

"Damn! ...and Jay-Z is ugly!"
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Everyone's Super Bowl parties were buzzing with zingers during Beyonce's halftime show performance. Here's what the Fuse staff heard... 

"I might have to start drinking Pepsi."

"Now that's how you make an entrance, everyone." 

"This is fantastic publicity for the German S&M shop that clothed the group."

"She's moving and whipping her hair so much, she's overcompensating for something... does she have the balls to lip-sync again?!" 

"Why are the other girls' mics so low? Beyonce sabotaging their careers per usual."

"Can't believe Hov didn't grab 16 bars somewhere in there..."

"Beyonce 1. Madonna -9."

"Those fans up front are just happy to touch her knee."

"In case you forgot who the star of the show was, we're gonna turn your mics way down [Kelly and Michelle]..."

"Is Michelle even trying to dance?"

 "I think by 'power surge' they meant Beyonce." 

"I don't want this to end."

'[As Destiny's Child exit stage] Bye, see ya in 10 years!"

"What I would give to be whipped in the face by Beyonce's hair..."

"Beyonce had a baby last year and so did I. My body doesn't look like that. [Drinks beer] I'll start tomorrow."

"Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams should hang out with the second-string quarterbacks from each team to compare notes."

"This blackout is either a sweet dream or a beautiful nightmare."

"Is Blue Ivy out there?"

"Whew, damn girl: Oprah gonna be askin about [those sexy dances moves] later!"

"This is like a workout video!"

"...and Jay-Z is such an ugly dude!"

"That was some Charlie's Angels sh-t!"

"Damn, girl! And Destiny's Child are all super hardcore church girls, too."

"Wait... I always thought 'Halo' was a Rihanna song."

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