Police Report Says Chris Brown and Two Others Attacked Frank Ocean

Ocean also believes he heard someone call him the really, really bad f-word, according to the incident report
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TMZ has released the L.A. Sheriff's Dept incident report for the Chris Brown/Frank Ocean brawl two Sundays ago, and it's fairly damning for Brown. The official paperwork describes a straightforward 3-1 fight scenario: Brown and two of his friends jumped Ocean and beat him up for about two minutes over a parking spot.

Two separate witnesses in the report corroborate the same version of events. Ocean approached Brown and demanded Brown move his car out of Ocean's recording studio parking spot. Brown extended his hand to Ocean, who refused to shake and once again asked Brown to move. 

"Suddenly, Suspect Brown punched the victim on the side of his face," the report reads, adding that two of Brown's friends "jumped in to help Suspect Brown beat the victim, [who] fought back to defend himself as all three suspects pushed him into a corner and attempted to kick him while on the ground." Three other witnesses reported the same version of events, but said they didn't see who started the fight.

Unfortunately, it gets even uglier. "The victim believes he might have heard someone yell 'f—got!" but was unsure who, if anyone, made the statement," the report reads. Yuck.

Over the weekend, Ocean released a statement on his Tumblr saying he would not press charges against Brown even though the incident enraged him. "Forgiveness, albeit difficult, is wisdom," Ocean wrote.

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