M.I.A. Tweets About Possible Child Custody Battle

“Do you really want to take away your son’s mother? And do that to your son?” Maya tweeted at estranged fiancé, Benjamin Bronfman
Dominique Charriau

What the hell is going on with M.I.A. and billionaire Seagrams heir Benjamin Bronfman? Engaged in 2008, the onetime couple welcomed son Ikhyd Edgar Arular Bronfman in 2009, then reportedly split in early 2012. But if M.I.A.'s Twitter account is to be believed, the former couple are in the heat of a nasty child custody battle.

Earlier today the Sri Lankan artist tweeted at Bronfman (@benbronfman), asking, “Do you really want to take away your son’s mother? And do that to your son?” 

In another series of tweets, M.I.A. claimed Bronfman was holding her and Ikyhyd "hostage" in New York, and threatened to “keep tweeting till you grow some balls and call me.” 

M.I.A. is also retweeting her followers’ thoughts on the matter. Less than 20 minutes after the public display, though, the singer deleted her mentions of Bronfman, but has yet to remove her retweets.

Just last week New York Magazine published a feature on Ben's branch of the extended Bronfman Family Tree. While Ikyhyd was included in the feature, M.I.A. was only passingly mentioned as the child's mother. 


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