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Perez Hilton's Plaid Chic Look at SXSW: Awesome or Awful?

The celebrity blogger's duds were the real star of his SXSW showcase
Shannon Stewart for Fuse

On the final day of hosting his sixth annual SXSW showcase at the Austin Music Hall, blogger and music taste-maker Perez Hilton hit the stage wearing an outfit that was… well, let's just say "eye-catching."

Take a gander at photos of Perez and many others in our photo gallery from the closing day of SXSW. 

Not that anyone expects subtly of Hilton, but his Saturday outfit was more in-your-face than a picture of a celebrity with a penis scribbled over their face. Wearing a ruffled red and black plaid suit coat with matching pants, a t-shirt of a robotic-looking Madonna and a ball cap, Hilton's outfit might best be described as "campfire chic" or "just-rolled-out-of-bed grunge guitarist with a Madge fetish."

Check it out in the above and below pics and see what you think: Is his tracksuit awesomely iconoclastic or just glaringly awful? Either way, let's all acknowledge that Madonna tee is incredible.

Rick Kern

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