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Listen: Avril Lavigne's New Single "Here's to Never Growing Up"

"We'll be running down the street, yelling 'Kiss my ass!' I'm like 'Yeah, whatever, we're still living like that!'," the punk pop princess shouts in her catchy new song

If you thought an engagement to Nickleback's Chad Kroeger would finally mellow out Avril Lavigine, think again! The punk-pop princess is back and sassier than ever on her new single "Here's to Never Growing Up." The track leads off her as-yet-untitled fifth album, her first since 2011's Goodbye Lullaby.

"This is who we are / I don't think we'll ever change / They say 'Just grow up,' but they don't know us / We don't give a f-ck!" the Canadian singer declares. The song's anthemic, pop-rock sound reminds us of fun.'s "We Are Young." And like that ubiquitous No. 1 song, we can imagine the track (and especially the "woahs" in the hook) being shouted by the youth and adults who can't deny its catchiness.

Take a listen to Lavigine's new single above. What do you think of it?

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