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Chris Brown Sings "Why Do You Hate Me So Much?" on New Song "I Can't Win"

The R&B-pop star also announced the release date for his sixth LP and dropped a Talib Kweli remix of "Fine China"

Team Breezy, listen up! Chris Brown has some presents for you: a new track, a new album release date and a remix from Talib Kweli. Where do we start? 

Well, with an urgent question from Mr. Brown: "Tell me what did I do to make you hate me so much?" he sings in a just-released new track, called "I Can't Win." "Why you angry all the time? / Why you don’t wanna ride for me?"

The R&B-pop star dropped the electro-pop-tinged jam via his Twitter account late Monday night, and it sounds like Breezy is crooning the story of a strained relationship. Wonder who he's talking about? Huh. *Shrugs*

The song won't appear on Brown's upcoming sixth album, X; Brown tweeted that "I Can't Win" was just "some sh-t I felt like writing that's not on the album."

Brown did use the non-album track to announce his new album's release date; X is now officially confirmed to arrive on July 16.

And there's more--a shiny new remix of X's lead single "Fine China.Talib Kweli adds a verse to the beginning of the funky, Michael Jackson-reminiscent track. Listen below.

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