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Questlove: The Roots Will Join Jimmy Fallon on 'Tonight Show'

"We’re not going to 'The Tonight Show.' 'The Tonight Show' is coming to us," the Roots bandleader tells Fuse

Amid the many questions surrounding Jimmy Fallon's recent promotion to Tonight Show host, the biggest music-related one is the fate of the Roots, the hip hop vets and Fallon's house band since the show premiered in 2009.

Looks like one rumor has been cleared up. While talking to Fuse about the upcoming Red Bull Music Academy NYC, Roots bandleader Questlove confirmed that the group will be heading over to The Tonight Show with Fallon.

"We’re not going to The Tonight Show; The Tonight Show is coming to us," Questlove says. "Basically, it’s going to be the same show. That’s a year from now; anything can happen. Right now, we’re just very concerned and just concentrating on still doing our thing at Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. We’re honored to receive the baton and pass down tradition."

Fallon is scheduled to take over the Tonight Show from Jay Leno following the 2014 Winter Olympics next February. NBC announced last week that it would be moving the show from its Burbank, CA studio to New York.

Questlove also discussed the band's role as musicians on a late-night show. "I’d like to think we redefined the band’s role in a late-night TV format," Questo says. "Not just a person to play you on and play you off, but doing a lot."

Looks like they can keep adding to our Jimmy Fallon's Most Popular Sketches list.

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