Solange Blasts Sexism in Music Industry

"How can one be a 'vocal muse' to their own melodies, story telling and words they wrote?" the R&B singer asks on Twitter
Chelsea Lauren

Not long after Grimes' spot-on critique of the fetishization of women in music, R&B songtress (and all-around-cool-person) Solange is lashing out against sexism in the music industry as well.

Over a series of succinct, no-nonsense tweets, Beyonce's younger sis targets those who present her as "the 'face' of my music or a 'vocal muse'" for someone else. Solange accurately eviscerates the term for implying someone else (presumably a man) is the real talent behind her music. 

"How can one be a 'vocal muse' to their own melodies, story telling and words they wrote?" Solange asks. "I've been writing and producing my own voice since '02."

Numerous publications have given Solange the "vocal muse" label before, in particular when speaking of last year's True EP, which was produced by Dev Hynes. Pitchfork was the highest profile site to drop that term. In their glowing review of her EP, they wrote, "Hynes has met an ideal female vocal muse in Solange, who executes each cut with simple grace and yearning naïveté." Oops. 

Solange ended her Twitter discussion with this thought: "Sexism in the music industry ain't nothing new." True, but it's always good to call out that sh*t.


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