TV on the Radio Split With Record Label & Are Making New Music

Two years after the death of bassist Gerard Smith, the Brooklyn art-rock quartet plan their next move

Following the 2011 death of bassist Gerard Smith, TV on the Radio entered a understandably quiet period. Their last album, Nine Types of Light, was released two years ago and, with the exception of producer Dave Sitek setting up his own label Federal Prism, we haven't heard much from the band.

In a recent interview with Spin, though, it appears the hibernation is over. The band has split from longtime label Interscope and are now working on new material. "It suddenly got really busy," said singer Tunde Adebimpe. 

The band is currently at Sitek's Los Angeles studio mapping out select songs. "We're sort of collecting material for a record, but right now we're only thinking in terms of songs, smaller things we can put out regularly until an album seems possible," Adebimpe said. "Which I love. It's not that you're less precious about the process, but I like coming in and saying, 'Let's make a couple songs,' not feeling any sort of pressure to lock ourselves in a room."

The band will release at least one single on Federal Prism, the label formed last year that will also distribute singles by Kelis, Oh Land and Scarlett Johansson among others.

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