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The Wonder Years Show off Gritty Side in New Live Session

Watch the pop-punk sextet perform a fiery rendition of "The Bastards, The Vultures, The Wolves"—exclusively on Fuse

"The minute you earn something in life, the world wants to try to take it from you. I'd rather burn it to the f-cking ground." 

That's the outspoken Dan Campbell, frontman for Philadelphia pop-punk outfit The Wonder Years, kicking off their private live performance of "The Bastards, The Vultures, The Wolves." And Fuse has the video's exclusive debut—watch it above!

Campbell and the Wonder Years bring that same "burn it to the ground" intensity to their performance of the track, which is one of the most aggressive cuts from their new album, The Greatest Generation. Filmed at the TLA in Philly, the performance reaches its emotional climax during the bridge, when Campbell returns to a recurring theme from the new record: the daily demons that haunt us. "The Devil's got a rifle on my front porch, and me in his sights," Campbell shouts over Mike Kennedy's relentless drum build-up. "He knows I came looking for a fight." Guitars swirl in increasing intensity as Campbell nearly collapses while repeating, "I came here looking for a fight!"  

The band recently brought the fight to the Billboard 200 chart, too. The Greatest Generation debuted at No. 20, selling nearly 20,000 records in its first week on shelves. 

Fuse's advice? Don't try to take anything away from Dan Campbell and The Wonder Years. You'll only be in their way. 

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