Watch Kanye West Debut Shriek-Filled "I Am a God" at Met Gala

Brief but crazy clips of 'Ye's new music are online NOW

Based on brief clips of Kanye West performing new material at the uber-exclusive Met Gala on Monday night, it seems everything you've ever heard about him and his new album is true. 

Yes, he has an unchecked ego: At least enough to title a song "I Am a God" and utter that phrase without irony or reservation. Yes, he's crazy in love with Kim Kardashian. And yes, he goes off the deep end on his "dark" new album with some primal screaming. As Daft Punk put it, "Kanye doesn't give a f-ck."

And here's the footage to prove it. In the video above, enjoy 'Ye declaring his divine supremacy and then shrieking like some sort of goat/orca whale hybrid. In the clip immediately below, listen to him singing about Kim K being "so awesome" using his beloved Auto-Tune. And at the bottom of the page, sample a seriously wonky synth from one of his new tracks.

It seems the only thing we can say for certain about West's upcoming sixth is that it's anything but safe.

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