Which 'Empire Records' Character Are You?

Missing the '90s like we are? Tune in to 'Empire Records' July 1 at 2:30a/1:30c and July 2 11p/10c on Fuse to relive all the crop-top-and-plaid-skirt glory, and take our quiz to find out which character you are

You are A.J.!

You have really great hair and can rock a checkered pullover like nobody's business. You have a good heart and congrats, you're headed to art school in Boston!

You are Corey!

You're a super pretty overachiever, but you want to lose your virginity to a played-out rock star for some reason. Eventually you'll see the light and realize you're in love with your hot best friend!

You are Mark!

You're really freaking adorable, even with that weird haircut you have going on. You're a little clueless about how life works, but that only works to your advantage. Axl Rose is your favorite singer, and you have the best line in the whole movie: "Damn the man. Save the Empire."

You are Debra!

The way you start a new job is by busting in there, locking yourself in the bathroom and shaving your head. Not the traditional way to go, but you've got passion!

You are Gina!

You're an adventurous, free spirit who's sometimes awful to your best friend. You just don't want to be like your mom!


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