2 Chainz Arrested for Weed and Promethazine at LAX

Not a great week for Tity Boi
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Just days after his was-he-or-was-he-not robbed incident earlier this week (he was, Fuse confirmed it), 2 Chainz was arrested last night at LAX for possession of marijuana and Promethazine.

2 Chainz was charged with possession of a controlled substance after TSA agents found the drugs in the rapper's checked bag. Authorities arrested him after he had already boarded the plane, which is almost as embarrassing as getting kicked off because you wouldn't stop playing Words With Friends.

Earlier this week in San Francisco, 2 Chainz was robbed of "a wallet, credit cards, U.S. currency and cell phone." Conflicting reports about the robbery emerged when a member of the SFPD mistakenly told select news outlets that it was not 2 Chainz who was robbed but a member of his crew. SFPD later confirmed that was false and 2 Chainz was, in fact, the victim.

As for his latest legal malady, though, 2 Chainz seems as unfazed as ever. Last night he tweeted, "Nobody took anything from me, I didn't get shot, I'm not in jail, Don't know wut else to tell ya. Sorry if I disappointed anyone, maybe next time."


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