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Bonnaroo 2013 Cheat Sheet: Let Your Mood Guide Your Lineup

Veg out. Party down. Blow off steam. Whatever you feel like doing, we've got your perfect schedule for the Tennessee fest
Ronnie Fritz / Fuse TV

So you're headed to Bonnaroo 2013? Awesome. It's going to rock.

We've given our 30 must-see acts at Bonnaroo—which includes live faves, rising artists and classic acts—but what if you want to choose your 'Roo schedule based on your ephemeral moods? For a fest this trippy, it's only fitting.

Well, we've got you covered. Check out our mood-based Bonnaroo cheat sheet above. It'll steer you toward can't-miss artists based on how you're feeling. Whether you want to veg out, party down or blow off some steam, we've got the artist for you.

Print it off and bring it with you to Tennessee! We'll see you there.

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