Snoop Dogg Talks Sex Ed in 'One Life to Live' Cameo

And it's hysterical, whether or not it's supposed to be

For the first time in history, Snoop Dogg is following in the footsteps of a white dude with cornrows.

Like Riff Raff earlier this year, the Doggfather-turned-reggae singer guested on One Live to Live. Unlike Mr. Raff, Snoop played himself on the 45-year-old soap opera, a cultural institution that made the move from ABC to Hulu in 2012.

Snoop's appearance is incredible. Within 16 seconds he pulls out a blunt and lights up because, hell, that's just what you do on the set of a soap opera, right? He fake-offers Robert Gorrie's character a hit but immediately pulls it back, shouting out, "Sike!" Yes, that really happens.

Snoop and Gorrie—who plays a reluctant dad—chat about fatherly responsibility and the birds and the bees. As the Lion so sagely puts it to the young man looking to shirk his paternal duty, "This is the part of the story where the bird gets pregnant, smart ass. But they don't teach you this sh-t in school."

Watch Snoop smoke up in the video above and the sex ed discussion below. It's second only to Fuzzy Bunny's Guide to You Know What.

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