Did Flo Rida's "Can't Believe It" Video Rip Off Diplo's "Butter's Theme"?

Diplo calls Flo Rida a "f-ck ass f-ckboi" for copying his butt-loving video, threatens to TP his house

When Flo Rida dropped his Pitbull-assisted, butt-loving video "Can't Believe It" (above), ass lovers around the world rejoiced. Except Diplo. He's not having it.

The Major Lazer DJ has a major problem with Flo's new video featuring breathtaking images of giant female butts in a kaleidoscope pattern. There's butts on boats, butts on ice cream cones, giant butt mountains... an asstronomical amount of butts. 

Diplo claims Flo didn't do his rear end research. He thinks "Can't Believe It" looks like a big, fat copy of Diplo's "Butter's Theme" video (below). You know, the one with the... kaleidoscope of butts. 

"Yo @official_flo ur a f-ck ass f-ckboi for ripping off my video," he tweeted. "I'm goin to go toilet paper the trees in front of flo-rida mansion if you want u can ride or die with me," Diplo continued. "Also bring eggs. please RT." He later added, "I'll totally fight Flo Rida in a street fight and totally get my ass whooped. But I'll fight him anyway cuz I'll fight for what I believe in."

But what do you think? Have you seen these butts before? Did Flo Rida rip Diplo off? Or is Diplo just a little butthurt? Vote now. Make your voice heard.

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