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TV on the Radio Return With Explosive New Wave Jam "Mercy"

The Brooklyn indie icons shake up their sonic palette once more
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When Kelis dropped her recent Dave Sitek-produced single "Jerk Ribs" on his record label Federal Prism, it was clear the Brooklyn indie maven was pushing the R&B songstress in new directions.

Now, with the release of TV on the Radio's latest song "Mercy," it's become clear Sitek wasn't happy just tinkering with other people's music. He's once again helped overhaul TVOTR's sound to something we've never heard from them before with this New Wave-y track.

Although ferocious guitars and synths aren't new to their sound, the mix of this track is startlingly clear. Gone are the overwhelming sonic layers of their past albums. Instead we get a crisp, spacious mix that gives the each instrument plenty of room to expand. Musically and production-wise, it has much more in common with early '00s New Wave revival bands like the Bravery than vintage TV on the Radio.

Listen to it over and HuffPo and keep an ear open for "Million Miles," another recently-recorded track the band has yet to unleash.

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