M.I.A.'s New Album Gets Release Date Following Label Drama

"Who would stop 'Matangi' from coming out?" the controversial singer tweeted. Her label Interscope responded swiftly with a fall release
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UPDATE: Less than 24 hours after M.I.A. threatened to leak her new album Matangi if Interscope Records didn't schedule a release date for the long-delayed LP, the label has now announced an official drop date: Matangi will arrive November 5. Apparently Interscope takes M.I.A.'s threats very seriously.

After M.I.A.'s record label pushed back the release of her new album Matangi for being "too positive," the controversial rapper is now calling out Interscope Records for sitting on her fourth LP.

Late Thursday night the badass London native tweeted, "who would stop MATANGI from coming out?" Two minutes later she answered, writing that her label, Interscope, was delaying its release date, which was originally set for late 2012. Then came the threats:

That's not exactly bad news for M.I.A. fans (after all, her latest single "Bring the Noize" is a banger), but let's hope she doesn't piss off Interscope to the point of scrapping the new album altogether.

In related news, last month M.I.A. ticked off her management company Roc Nation by claiming she was "blacklisted" from receiving their funding for her upcoming documentary.

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