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Watch: Go Inside Gathering of the Juggalos in Fuse's Mini-Doc

Discover the family-oriented vibe of ICP's annual fest: "Everybody thinks they're going to get their ass kicked, but it's all love," says one Juggalo

For the uninitiated, Insane Clown Posse's annual festival Gathering of the can seem intimidating at first glance—after all, it's been linked to deathsarrests and flying feces (and, of course, lots of spraying Faygo Soda). But Fuse travelled to the festival grounds in Cave-In-Rock, Illinois this summer to discover what, exactly, keeps Juggalos returning year after year.

According to concertgoers, the Gathering is more like an annual family vacation. "I can get through my sh-tty life knowing I'm going to be here and have so much fun," one Juggalo tells Fuse of the festival, which includes concerts, amusement park rides and go-go dancers. "That's why you come back. For all of us that have similar interests and taste in music, it's easy to develop our bond. That's why we're Juggalo family."

"Everybody thinks they're going to get their ass kicked," another Juggalo says of common misconceptions about the festival, "but it's all love."

"They think we're gang members," adds a female Juggalo, aka a Juggalette. "I'm a college graduate! I have two good jobs! I take care of myself, I'm not that stereotype. Everybody's different, but everyone fits in at the same time."

Watch more behind-the-scenes footage from the Gathering in the video above. And don't miss Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope on Fuse TV in tonight's season finale Insane Clown Posse Theater at 11/10c. Not sure where to watch it? Check out Fuse's channel finder.

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