Exclusive Premiere

Exclusive Premiere: Hear Seether's Heavy New Ballad "Weak"

Listen to one of three new songs the South African metal band recorded for their new compilation, 'Seether: 2002-2013'

After 11 years and five albums, South African alt-metal outfit Seether are prepping to drop their first career-comprehensive compilation. In addition to rock chart-topping hits and rarities, the double-disc Seether: 2002-2013 features three new songs, one of which Fuse is proud to exclusively host right here. 

It's called "Weak," although musically speaking, it's anything but that. "Weak" is a brooding, powerful tune that starts off gently before Seether's wall of crunching guitar noise kicks in. 

"This new track fell into place for us rather quickly," drummer John Humphrey tells Fuse. "When Shaun [Morgan, singer] sent me the demo for 'Weak,' everything was pretty much there musically. I think we ran through it a couple of times in rehearsal and captured the song on the second take. I'm very pleased with the final result."

Listen to the band's loud-as-hell ballad above and get ready for Seether 2002-2013 to drop on October 29. FYI, this comp includes a second brand-new original composition and a recently-recorded cover of Veruca Salt's "Seether," the 1994 grunge single the band is named after. 

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