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Danny Brown Stars in Bob Dylan's Official "Like a Rolling Stone" Video

Marc Maron, the cast of 'Pawn Stars' and Drew Carey on 'The Price Is Right' also feature in the interactive video for Dylan's 1965 classic

Forty-eight years after "Like a Rolling Stone" changed the face of rock music for the better, Bob Dylan has delivered an official music video for the Highway 61 Revisited single. And seriously, this thing is worth the four-decade wait.

Dylan's "Like a Rolling Stone" video is an interactive experience that lets you flip through 16 different cable channels airing TV shows like Pawn Stars, Price is Right, IFC's Maron, BBC News and more. But it's not just random footage—actors from all of these shows (including Marc Maron and Drew Carey!) recorded themselves lip-syncing the lyrics, so as you flip through the channels you can watch 16 different takes on the "Like a Rolling Stone" video.

Best of all, an entire channel is devoted to Danny Brown lip-syncing the 1965 classic while chomping on a corn dog, playing on a swing set, standing on his head and doing other Danny Brown-esque activities. He's on Channel 122, but you gotta play around with the whole thing: There's a cooking show, a children's cartoon starring a levitating cat and other delights. It's easily the most fun you'll spend online all day, so check it out here

Oh, and obviously, there's a product tie-in. Dylan's Complete Album Collection Vol. 1—featuring 35 studio albums and two discs of rarities—is out now. 

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