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K-Pop's 24 Best Christmas Songs

From those familiar jingle bells to uplifting holiday harmonies, Girls' Generation, EXO, Ailee and more will get you in the spirit -- even if you don't understand a word of Korean

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As PSYGirls' GenerationCL and EXO have proved, K-pop stars know how to make music anyone can enjoy whether they speak Korean or not. The same holds true for K-pop Christmas music, with the likes of Wonder Girls, Teen Top, Sistar, IU and many others crafting accessible pop treats perfect for any holiday playlist.

Check out Fuse's picks for 24 K-pop holiday tracks to brighten your winter. And if you're looking for other atypical takes on the sometimes-repetitive holiday music genre, don't miss 13 punk rock Christmas classics and seven EDM holiday jams.

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JYP Nation - "This Christmas" (2010)

What better way to kick off your K-pop holiday playlist than with this festive gem from an all-star cast of K-pop singers? Performing as JYP Nation, 2PM, 2AM, miss A, Wonder Girls and their record labelmates celebrate "This Christmas" with a cozy, present-filled pajama party.

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EXO - "Miracles in December" (2013)

With less than two years in the business, EXO were K-pop newbies when this was released, but the gorgeous winter ballad solidifies them in fans' hearts every holiday season.

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Teen Top - "Snow Kiss" (2014)

Teen Top's peppy, jazzy "Snow Kiss" was quite possibly K-pop's best holiday song released in 2014. But just in case the song doesn't convince you this one's a gem, just watch the accompanying music video, filmed by the singers themselves in their hotel room.

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Girls' Generation - "Diamond" (2011)

Girls' Generation dazzles and shines in this awards show performance of "Diamond," an original English-language track off label SM Entertainment's 2011 winter album. Sing along!

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Orange Caramel & NU'EST - "Dashing Through the Snow in High Heels" (2012)

A modern take on "Jingle Bells" via a collab between two super-cute, super-attractive K-pop acts: female trio Orange Caramel and male quintet NU'EST. Um, can we join the stuffed animal party?

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Ailee - "My Grown Up Christmas List" (2012)

Korean-American singer Ailee—she's a Jersey girl!—released a cover of Christian-pop singer Amy Grant's tune in both Korean and English (above), helping even more fans get into the holiday spirit.

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Cube United - "Christmas Song" (2013)

Despite a somber beginning—the track opens with the line, "This song goes out to all the broken-hearted people"—this old-school jazz ditty soon picks up the tempo, transforming into a heartwarming bop. "Christmas Song" features a superstar combo of Korean artists, like diva G.NA, girl groups 4Minute and Apink, boy bands Beast and BTOB and crooner Huh Gak.

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Crayon Pop - "Lonely Christmas" (2013)

Don't let the title fool you: This is probably the danciest Christmas track we've ever heard. We love the synth-heavy holiday jam by super-silly girl group Crayon Pop, and the video for "Lonely Christmas" is a must-see. Look out for the hilarious leg-wobbling dance move on the chorus.

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Girls' Generation-TTS - "Dear Santa" (2015)

Call us early believers, but we are adding the just-released "Dear Santa" by the trio of Girls' Generation members Taeyeon, Tiffany and Seohyun (a.k.a. Girls' Generation-TTS) to the best K-pop Xmas songs. The girls recorded the song in both English and Korean to spread holiday cheer to all their international fans in the 2015 holiday season.

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Yoseob (of Beast) & Daniel (of DMTN) - "First Snow and First Kiss" (2010)

"First Snow and First Kiss" may not be the most festive-sounding song, but Yoseob (of boy band Beast) and Daniel (another boy bander, of DMTN) team up for a sentimental ode to finding the perfect winter love.

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Starship Planet - "Snow Candy" (2013)

Good luck not snapping along to this little Xmas jingle. Going under the name Starship Planet, the cute song brings together artists under the Starship Entertainment label, which includes the girl group Sistar, boy band Boyfriend and solo star K.Will.

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Infinite - "White Confession (Lately)" (2011)

Seven-member boy band Infinite had a massive 2011 hit with their first and only Christmas single, "White Confession (Lately)." A fun and endearing music video helped turn this holiday release into an even bigger success with fans.

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Jellyfish Entertainment - "Because It's Christmas" (2012)

Another all-star group of K-pop singers—including boy band VIXX and soloists Sung Sikyung, Park Hyoshin and more—perform under the name Jellyfish Entertainment. They deliver a holiday delight with bits of rapping, crooning and belting, all tied up in a soulful bow!

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Fin.K.L - "White" (1999)

Oh, we're going throwback for this one.

Four-member girl group Fin.K.L, credited as one of K-pop's most famous and influential female acts, dropped this winter jam in 1999. "White" lives on as not only one of Fin.K.L's most famous songs, but also as a holiday favorite.

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SMTOWN - "Santa U Are the One" (2011)

What's better than a holiday jam from Girls' Generation, you ask? A holiday jam from all of SM Entertainment, obviously.

The gorgeous gals are joined by labelmates Super Junior, SHINee, f(x), BoA and Kangta—known collectively as SMTOWN—for the lead single off their 2011 winter LP, The Warmest Gift.

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After School - "Love Love Love" (2010)

Girl group After School pack this holiday treat with jingle bells, sweet harmonies and a handful of "shoo-wops." All served alongside a heart-warming music video—watch until the end for a sweet surprise!

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EXO - "December, 2014 (The Winter's Tale)" (2014)

Chen, D.O and Baekhyun are the vocal-focused dreamboats in EXO, and the guys got us hot even in the cold weather with this gorgeous winter ballad. 

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MBLAQ - "White Forever" (2011)

Smooth vocals, rapped verses and a few synths combine on this edgy holiday single from boy band MBLAQ.

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SHINee - "Haru (X-Mas)" (2010)

Bells ring and chime throughout "Haru (X-Mas)," a catchy, upbeat production from popular boy band SHINee that'll definitely lift your mood. Oh, shiny day!

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IU ft. Thunder (of MBLAQ) - "Merry Christmas in Advance" (2010)

Young, talented soloist IU layers her sweet vocals over this song's electro-pop production, while MBLAQ member Thunder raps a few lines to give the track a slight edge.

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Star Empire - "Shooting Star" (2011)

As made clear by the bevy of all-star collaboration tracks, the holidays are all about getting together with loved ones. On this superstar team-up, female acts 9Muses and Jewelry and boy band ZE:A join forces to deliver raps, sweet harmonies and belted notes.

And if you need an outfit suggestion for your company's holiday party, just take your pick between all the super-festive looks in this video!

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Sunny Hill - "Goodbye to Romance" (2012)

As the year dwindles down, the holidays are a time when we think back on the people and events that shaped us into the person we are today. Sunny Hill conjure up those feelings in this reflective track.

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Urban Zakapa - "Snowing" (2012)

Throw some acoustic jazz into the mix with "Snowing," from indie trio Urban Zakapa. Light a few candles, grab a glass of wine and imagine you're spending a wintry evening at your favorite classy lounge. Cheers!

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Sweet Sorrow - "The Story of December" (2012)

Jingle bells? Check. Peppy trumpets? Yup. Uplifting melodies? Of course! "The Story of December" by male vocal act Sweet Sorrow screams holiday classic.

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