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K-Pop Band U-KISS Tell Fuse Their Message for Zedd

The Korean sextet "dream of collaborating" with the Russian-German DJ and Fuse is helping them connect

South Korean boy band U-KISS already told us about their most intimate fan encounter, but the K-pop act tells Fuse News they're keen to get close with someone else: Zedd!

"Dear Zedd, we dream of collaborating with you someday in America," reveals U-KISS vocalist Kevin. "If you have the time, invite us to your studio so we could make something happen. We'll be looking forward to your call."

And if you think U-KISS recording their own "Clarity" sounds ridiculous, think again! K-pop/EDM collabos have been taking place for years: In 2010, Diplo produced "Knockout" for rap duo GD & TOP; Steve Aoki remixed "Mr. Taxi" by female phenoms Girls' Generation in 2011; Even "Harlem Shake" DJ Baauer jumped on the trend last year, co-producing G-Dragon's "Coup D'Etat." You might be surprised by all the K-pop/U.S. music connections that exist.

So, whaddya say, Zedd?

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