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7 Great Music Gifts for Mother's Day

Don't know what to get your cool music mom on her special day? Don't worry—we do! Check out the best gifts to put a smile on that lovely lady's face

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Record Frames

There's a good chance your mom has a bunch of albums sitting in a box somewhere, never to be played again. Records don't like that—they deserve to be appreciated, darn it! So if they'll never spin again, take those puppies out and frame 'em! Moms like art and you'll have the raddest parent in town.

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Spotify Premium

Hopefully your super-cool mom is all about streaming music by now. And if she's using Spotify, she probably thinks the commercials are super annoying. Rid your life-giver of this misery with a premium account! She'll be better off because of it.

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tUnE-yArDs, 'Nikki Nack'

Quirkiness knows no bounds with this one. tUnE-yArDs latest album isn't just critically acclaimed, it's also easily digested and perfect for those sensitive mommy ears. Plus you'll actually enjoy listening to this album with mother dearest... how many times can you say that?

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If your mom is like my mom, your mom likes Neil Young and anything vaguely associated with the legend. The singer-songwriter recently produced a high-quality mp3 device called Pono that looks deceptively like a Toblerone and is just as delicious. Young refers to Pono as "an artist-driven movement" so it's an easy way to give your mom those oh-so-crucial cool points.

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iPod (with Retina Display)

It seems like just about everything these days has retina display (we're not sure why... this is just the world we inhabit.) Keep your mom up-to-date with an iPod boasting super-high pixel density. 

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Parrot Zik

You know Beats by Dre are so last year, so get your mama the next best thing: Parrot Zik headphones. These bad boys are wireless, noise-canceling and just all around aesthetically pleasing (plus, Lou Reed endorsed them before he passed). You love your mom and want her to be stylin', right?

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Fear of Men, 'Loom'

Do you have a cool mom? Does your cool mom enjoy knowing about cool music? Introduce her to Brighton indie pop quartet Fear of Men. They're all adorable and they make sweet, breezy dream-pop. Their new record Loom is totally swoon-worthy, and the special lady in your life will love ya for it.


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