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11 Must-Hear Unreleased Lana Del Rey Gems

Rare and early Lizzy Grant in many different forms

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Next week, Lana Del Rey fans finally get some fresh material with the release of her new album, Ultraviolence (check out our Complete Guide to the album here). Technically, it's the singer's third official album, but longtime listeners know that her past is filled with many recordings that showcased her budding talents. For the curious, there's a treasure trove of unreleased material at the Lanamusic Tumblr. And of course, her demos and unreleased tracks are all over YouTube. Here's a collection of 11 unreleased Lana gems that showcase her early days, as well as her knack for making a great cover song.

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"Money Hunny"

This track comes from Lana Del Rey's early days when she went by her birth name, Lizzy Grant. It's a sparse little tune that feature her breathy vocals and lines about "doing time." 

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"Pawn Shop Blues"

This song is an early indication of Lana's love of sweeping orchestration—it features some a lush arrangement, accordion and a very Fiona Apple-like vocal. 

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"Get Drunk"

Lana's never been one to beat around the bush. Case in point, an early song simply called "Get Drunk." She literally whispers the opening line about how she's "sleeping with your best friend." Scandalous!

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"Put Me in a Movie"

Everyone knows Lana Del Rey has a fascination with the film world, and one of her early songs actually states it rather bluntly. It's also an early example of her exploration of father figures: She specifically sings the line, "You can be my daddy." Maybe this one was left a demo for a reason.

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"Axl Rose Husband"

On the deluxe version of Ultraviolence, Lana has a track called "Guns and Roses." And while we assume it's a twisted homage to the iconic rock band, it wouldn't be her first. This early song dubbed "Axl Rose Husband" compares her relationship with a lover and business partner to the famed rocker. This is the closest thing to flattery you'll get!

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Here's an early track that show's off early Lana's pop side. "Blizzard" features a drum machine and a request to "talk dirty."

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The term "yayo" is slang for cocaine but this melancholy song is anything but an upper. It's a piano ballad that shows off Lana's dreamy side in fine form.

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"Queen of the Gas Station"

Lana typically inhabits downtrodden worlds, and this upbeat number is about smoking, casinos and finding love at a gas station. It's the romantic side of Lana that doesn't make you want to slit your wrists. 

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"Knockin' on Heaven's Door"

Like her muse Axl Rose, Lana has a thing for Bob Dylan's "Knockin' on Heaven's Door." Check out this slow, gorgeous version of the folk singer's famous tune. 

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"Heart-Shaped Box"

The idea of Lana covering Nirvana seems like a match made in heaven. Here's a live version of one of Kurt Cobain's best tracks.

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"Summertime Sadness" (A cappella)

If you're curious about the pureness of Lana's vocals, check out this a cappella version of her hit "Summertime Sadness." Haters at home: You try this!

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