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Remembering Joan Rivers: Her 8 Best Musician Interviews

Before passing away at age 81, the American icon hosted her fair share of incredible interviews with artists ranging from the Beastie Boys to James Brown to Gwar to Cher. Here are some of Joan Rivers' finest moments behind the desk

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Beastie Boys, 1987

Skip to the 5:20 mark to see the Beastie Boys take over Joan's desk on her pioneering late-night talk show The Late Show Starring Joan Rivers. The guys are their classic juvenile selves, drawing Joan to compare them to Pee Wee Herman, ask about their parents and, at one point joke, "None of you look like I would pick you for success." Ouch?

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Cher, 1983

You can feel the chemistry between Joan and Cher, who were longtime friends. In fact, the conversation begins with Cher commenting on Joan's bosom... then gesturing to the Fonz for validation. Yup, Henry Winkler is on the couch too. 1983, you were good to us.

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David Lee Roth, 1986

David Lee Roth (who was then with Van Halen) visits Joan on his birthday, so she presents him with a cupcake. She immediately asks him about his romantic life and well... we won't ruin it for you.

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James Brown, 1986

Click to the 5:30 mark to watch James Brown dance his way to Joan's desk for the interview. It only gets better from there.

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The Bangles, 1986

The "Walk Like An Egyptian" band sit down with Joan around the 4:05 minute mark. Without revealing too much, may "Do you have boy groupies?" and "The Jockey Briefs Tour" remain in our hearts and minds forever.

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Judy Collins, 1990

Both folk icon Judy Collins and Joan are outspoken, strong-willed women. The result is an interview that almost feels like The View—honest, open, unedited.

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Marky Mark, 1992

Joan sits down with Mark Wahlberg (then going by Marky Mark) at the height of his musical success. Watch a soft-spoken Walhberg talk about his mom and creative process. 

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Gwar, 1990

Joan looks taken aback when GWAR step onto the set of her daytime talk show The Joan Rivers Show, but she holds her own. Hopefully having the band on the show cleared things up for parents of metalheads everywhere.

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