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2015 iHeartRadio Awards: The 7 Best Things We Saw (Such as: RIHANNA!)

Also: a Madonna and Taylor Swift duet—and Justin and Kelly and Meghan, oh my!

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Rihanna walked out of a helicopter...for real!

The most anticipated set of the evening belonged to Rihanna and the television debut of her new single, "Bitch Better Have My Money." RiRi delivered, as she always does, by walking out of a helicopter in a giant neon green fur coat and matching thigh-high boots. She delivered the song with seductive aggression, stomping around with choreographed grace.

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5 Seconds of Summer win best fan army

So much of 5 Seconds of Summer's success comes from their fans. They might not be Taylor Swift famous, but they definitely can't go shopping the way she can without being followed by an army of teen girls. They won Best Fan Army at the show, a fan-voted category, and rightfully so...the 5SOS fam is second to none!

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Kelly Clarkson lights up the stage with "Heartbreak Song"

Kelly Clarkson's fantastic new single, "Heartbreak Song" was just as delicious live as it is on the radio—high energy, sung from a place of love.

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Justin Timberlake quotes Theodore Roosevelt

Justin Timberlake was given an innovator award, and considering his successes both in the music world and outside of it, it was well earned. His speech was inspirational and at times heart-wrenching, at one point quoting President Teddy Roosevelt with a fierce holler of "your critics don't count."

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Taylor Swift being...Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift won "Best Lyrics" for "Blank Space" and made it very clear the line isn't "Starbucks lover." Sorry, internet.

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Taylor Swift being Taylor Swift with Madonna

When Madonna hit the stage to perform "Ghosttown" it became evident that a mysterious, familiar female silhouette joined her. When the lights moved we saw none other that Taylor Swift strumming along next to the pop icon. OMG!

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Meghan Trainor's Navy-inspired "Dear Future Husband" Performance

Meghan Trainor's "Dear Future Husband" might not do much in the way of feminism, but the song itself is a riot. So dangerous, in fact, it required military attention at the iHeartRadio Awards. Trainor rock a vintage-inspired navy frock and was joined by dancing seamen, second only to dancing sharks.

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