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13 Things Justin Bieber's Hair Was Compared to at the 2015 VMAs

A scene kid, Donald Trump, bizarre animals...see the field day the internet had with the 21-year-old whose hair's been a topic of discussion since he started making music

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Kate Gosselin

Twitter had a ton of fun deciding what Justin Bieber's new hairstyle looked most like at the 2015 MTV VMAs. Take a look through 13 comparisons—some are flattering, some are downright wrong, but all entertaining and would likely make the pop star laugh.

The top comparison of the night was Jon & Kate Plus 8 star Kate Gosselin circa 2009 when she sported a famous porcupine-inspired pixie cut. Good cut to take inspiration from? Well, Gosselin herself has since moved on from the look, if that answers your question.

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Brad Pitt

Some comparisons were flattering, saying Bieber was channeling Brad Pitt at his dreamiest...

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Donald Trump's hair in the wind

...others were not, with some saying Bieber was channeling Donald Trump at his messiest.

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Victoria Beckham

Remember when Posh Spice had a blonde pixie cut? Now you do.

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Bill Hader as Stefon from 'SNL'

Twitter users began pondering if SNL predicted the hair transformation via Bill Hader's beloved Stefon character.

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Average "scene kid"

Then there were those who thought Bieber was just channeling his inner scenester.

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Niall Horan from One Direction

From one pop superstar to another, maybe Bieber caught wind of this cute selfie of the 1D lad?

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Ellen DeGeneres

Or maybe he's paying homage to his buddy Ellen?

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A broom

Some looked to their cleaning supply closet to try to figure out where Bieber found inspiration for his new 'do.

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A Flock of Seagulls singer Mike Score

Their heyday may have been before JB was even born, but there's an undeniable comparison between Bieber's do and the frontman from the new-wave outfit A Flock of Seagulls.

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Blonde Fred Armisen on 'SNL'

Another SNL reference.

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'80s/'90s actresses

Some couldn't decide who he looked like, so they went way back to '80s/'90s movie star Mary Stuart Masterson, who you of course remember from Some Kind of Wonderful and Fried Green Tomatoes. Real question is: Does Bieber know her?

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A llama

And when in doubt, someone's hair can always be compared to be a llama.

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