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7 Must-See Acts at Food Truck & Rock Carnival 2015

New Jersey's premiere food, booze and riff fest has something for everyone...but we're here to focus on the music

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There are tons of great bands on a handful of stages at this year's Food Truck and Rock Carnival—not to mention all the beer and chow just asking to be consumed. How do you plan your day? Around the music, of course! Here are the seven acts you just can't afford to miss.

If you're given the opportunity to see a guitar legend, why wouldn't you? Slash will headline day one of the fest, and we're sure there will be a Guns N' Roses tune here or there. 

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Puddle of Mudd

It might be a few years yet until we're gifted a nu-metal revival (like, who could've predicted the emo one?), but it's only a matter of time. It might not be soon, but at least Puddle of Mudd are still playing gigs. And you get to see them. 

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Three Days Grace

Okay, let's be real: "I Hate Everything About You" is a completely perfect angst tune, and it probably kicks major ass live. You'll just have to witness it and find out.

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Godsmack flourish in a rock festival arena: They need the thousands of fans and drunk dudes with chain wallets to dance around their beefy riffs. Looks like they don't have to stand alone anymore.

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Christian bands can rock, too! Skillet definitely give some of these other heavy acts a run for their money AND are one of the few bands to feature female members, so we're here for it.

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Stone Temple Pilots

When you've gotten your metal fix, look for Stone Temple Pilots for a straightforward, invention rock and roll show. What more could you ask for, really?

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Anthrax are part of the Big Four of thrash metal for a reason. Like their brothers SlayerMetallica and Megadeth, the New York band have, in the last few decades, become the stuff of legends. It's just up to you to experience it in person.


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