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Stream 5 Seconds of Summer's Ultimate Rock Playlist

From U2 and Biffy Clyro to the Foo Fighters and way too much Slipknot, check out the 5SOS lads' favorite rock bangers

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U2, "Vertigo"

The fine people at British pub Kerrang! magazine did the one thing we all needed, but didn't know we needed: They asked 5 Seconds of Summer to curate the ultimate rock playlist. You can watch the full interview here. We decided to compile all the tracks in one easy-to-navigate place, so click through and learn a thing or two about your favorite band's favorite bands!

Frontman Luke Hemmings kicks off the rock playlist with U2's "Vertigo" and a simple "it's a great song." Can't argue with that.

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Biffy Clyro, "Black Chandelier"

This is a pick by bassist Calum Hood, who says the tune has "a great dynamic."

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We Are Scientists, "Cash Cow"

Guitarist Michael Clifford introduces the song with, "It's not ultimate rock but it's what I've been listening to lately...not ultimate,but rock. I don't know why, I've just been listening to a lot of them recently. It's really good."

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Pendulum, "Watercolour"

Drummer Ashton Irwin follows Michael's lead: "I don't have a super ultimate rock one...I've been listening to [Pendulum] so much and I love it. It's what I would stage dive to. If you listen to it, it's great."

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AC/DC, "For Those About to Rock (We Salute You)"

It's back to Luke: "If we're doing ultimate, I'm gonna go AC/DC. That's just straight up rock 'n' roll. 'For those about to rock!'"

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AC/DC, "Thunderstruck"

Ashton: "If you could play 'Thunderstruck' at school, you were like a god."

Michael: "One-handed! I could never do it one-handed."

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Foo Fighters, "Learn to Fly"

Ashton: "I love the dance he [Dave Grohl] does. He can't dance at the moment because he's got a broken leg...I wish that I could be [drummer] Taylor Hawkins and wear board shorts on stage. If I were to wear board shorts on stage, people would be like, 'What?!'"

Michael: "You would be ridiculed for the rest of your life by all of us."

Ashton: "Taylor, what a man. He's like a blonde Dave. Blave."

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Queen, "We Will Rock You"

Michael: "'We Will Rock You' has got to be the greatest anthem of all time."

Ashton: "It's the beat."

Michael: "[Queen] created that beat!" 

Ashton: "Three out of ten bands will do that live. We do it twice."

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Slipknot, "Psychosocial"

Ashton: "Big floor-to-floor beat. Big pinch harmonics!"

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Slipknot, "Snuff"

Michael: "That's my favorite song ever."

Michael then goes on to list a bunch of Slipknot singles...

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Slipknot, "People = Shit"

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Slipknot, "Duality"

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Slipknot, "Pulse of the Maggots"

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Green Day, "Jesus of Suburbia"

Luke: "[Green Day's] 'Jesus of Suburbia' is a pretty awesome rock song."

Michael: "'Jesus of Suburbia' by Slipknot!"

Watch the full interview here.

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