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Taylor Swift’s ‘1989’ Music Videos, Ranked

With the “Out of the Woods” clip premiering on Thursday night (Dec. 31), let’s look back at the five previously released music videos from Taylor Swift’s blockbuster fifth album. Do you agree with our ranking?

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“Blank Space”

“Bad Blood” might have won the video of the year award at the VMAs last August, but Swift’s real visual triumph of the era was her self-skewering performance in the opulent “Blank Space” clip. Owning the crazy ex-girlfriend role she’s often portrayed as in the media, Swift stabbed a heart cake and blood spurted out; the “Blank Space” video made our hearts stop, too.

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“Bad Blood”

Chalk this one up to pure spectacle: the “Bad Blood” music video was an event, teased endlessly prior to its release with big-name guest stars as Kendrick Lamar playing something called “Welvin Da Great.” The video wasn’t clever by any means, but it was a wildly bombastic project that was hard to turn away from. Think of it as the best Michael Bay movie of 2015.

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“Shake It Off”

This… sick… beat… needed some purposely awkward dance moves. Taylor Swift, going pop and getting fascinated by twerking, started off the 1989 era with a slapstick-y bang.

4 / 5

“Wildest Dreams”

Visually arresting but slightly ham-fisted, the “Wildest Dreams” video tried to be as sweeping as its accompanying single, and more or less accomplished that task. The cries of racism were unfounded, but still left a sour taste in our mouths.

5 / 5


Slick, percolating and breathless, “Style” absolutely rules as a single… so why was its music video so clunky? Featuring slow-moving shots that aren’t as gorgeous as they think they are, the clip simply lags behind the rest of the 1989 visual palette.

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