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Sia’s 10 Best TV Performances

By refusing to show her face on national television, Sia has concocted some of the most elaborate, awe-inspiring live spectacles of this decade. Relive her best TV performances to date with these 10 standouts.

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“Chandelier” at the 2015 GRAMMY Awards

Watching Kristen Wiig and Maddie Ziegler prance around the elaborate GRAMMY stage set-up last year—and really committing to the dance!—was a jolt of energy in a generally ho-hum ceremony.

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“Elastic Heart” on 'Dancing With The Stars'

The first 30 seconds of this are cooler than entire seasons of Dancing With The Stars; the rest of it is simply stunning, and raises the bar for for every other performer on primetime television.

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"Elastic Heart" on 'Ellen'

A chorus of disembodied heads cheering on Maddie Ziegler, who’s stuck in a white block and covered in purple paint? Only from Sia’s wild imagination could such a concept grow.

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“Reaper” on 'Good Morning America'

The best part about this GMA performance is clearly the collection of on-air talent watching the art project and not knowing how to react. Clearly, this was not a boring morning.

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“Chandelier” on 'Ellen'

For many, the “Chandelier” video was the introduction to Sia’s overpowering solo oeuvre—and this re-creation on the Ellen stage remains magnificent.

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“Bird Set Free” on 'Saturday Night Live'

Wearing a suit and soundtracking a Sia stand-in trying to escape a constricting blanket, the singer captures an onstage transformation with the This Is Acting standout.

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“Chandelier” on 'Saturday Night Live'

The piano ballad version of “Chandelier” is not as thrilling as the fully produced pop explosion, but the mime pairing on SNL added unexpected gravitas to the smash.

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“Alive” on 'The Voice'

A relatively sedate performance for Sia… but still, that wig! That bow! And that soaring, mesmerizing voice!

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“Big Girls Cry” on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!'

Sia’s performances often exist in muted colors, but this dance routine went as bright as possible… and with as emotional of a finale as we’ve seen from the singer.

10 / 10

“Alive” on 'Ellen'

Not as captivating as some of Sia’s most spectacular Ellen performances, but the trickery of the singer hiding behind a black dress is especially inspired.

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