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How to Dress Like Babymetal in 4 Easy Steps for Halloween

Your love of the J-pop/metal group extends to their always on-point wardrobe, right? Here's how to get the look for Halloween this season

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So, you love Babymetal's latest album, Metal Resistance and the too-cute talented trio are the only thing on your mind these days. It's understandable; we totally get it. 

Our fandom has reached new heights, too...we're even trying to dress like the J-pop/metal group for Halloween. Like, who wouldn't want to rock their adorable red and black uniform on the reg? You, too? Well, never fear, friends. We've figured out how you can DIY with their look. Click through, and happy cosplaying! 

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Step 1: From Bottom to Top

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Before you can rock all that tutu pizzazz and pleather armor, you gotta get boots and tights. It's a pretty simple foundation. Just remember: black on black on black. Black boots, black tights. You can really get either anywhere, but we recommend classic Dr. Marten's and ASOS nylons. You can never go wrong with a pair of those.

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Step 2: Tulle Your Tutu

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Inching on up and you hit the headliner of this outfit's perfection: the tulle skirt, the blood red tutu that doesn't quit. These are easier to come by than you'd imagine. Just pay a visit to your local Party City or costume shop! If they're out of stock, the Internet is a great resource. They're very, very cheap on Amazon; just make sure you're buying the correct length...and size. Some of these bad boys are a tragic "one size fits all" deal.

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Step 3: Pleather, Baby!

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The next level of Babymetal's iconic ensemble is the black fabric that sits on their tutus. Sometimes it's a heavy material, like false chain metal, but more often than not, it's leather. Dead cow's an expensive fabric, so if you're going to take part, it might be best to rock pleather. You could cut up an old jacket or grab from an old Halloween costume (Party City also delivers in this department), like the shiny black of an old vampire cape. Get creative!

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Step 4: Accessorize...at your local mall.

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Now that you've got your fundamental look in place, it's time to accessorize. Babymetal always rock the studded look, so find yourself a cheap wrist cuff. You can get it anywhere, but we recommend your local Hot Topic. That's right, folks! Head to the mall. 

To get those too-cute pigtails or double buns, stay in that shop and find yourself some bows. You might get lucky and even score some with the My Chemical Romance logo on them!

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