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Tropical Vacation Playlist: 11 Songs to Inspire Your Spring Trip

Pack your bags, grab your sunglasses and double check that you have your passport: These tracks are bound to get you in the mood for a Spring Break adventure

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M.I.A., "Jimmy"

M.I.A.'s Bollywood-inspired jam will make you want to go explore India and see the country's classical dances in person.

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Don Omar, "Zumba"

The Puerto Rican reggae ton star's tune will not only inspire you to get to the Caribbean, but also to get your beach bod in shape with the cardio-heavy visual.

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Akon & Keri Hilson, "Africa"

This gorgeous duet can give you enough confidence to go on a safari and explore the rich culture Africa has to offer.

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Shakira, "Islands"

Still haven't booked a flight? Shakira's danceable take on The xx's exploratory anthem "Islands" will easily make you start imagining your perfect Spring Break getaway.

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Wyclef Jean, "Let Me Touch Your Button"

This superstar medley will make you book a flight to Brazil to celebrate Carnival... which, conveniently, falls right around Spring Break time!

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Lizzy, "Not an An Easy Girl"

The K-pop star may be a member of fierce girl group After School, but her solo single showcases historic Korea along with its classic genre trot via this catchy tune.

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Ziggy Marley, "Beach in Hawaii"

Maui, anyone? Let the reggae star's "Beach in Hawaii" inspire you to head to the islands.

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Christina Aguilera, "Around the World"

This Xtina deep cut is literally about having sex in international destinations. Hey, we don't judge what you do on Spring Break!

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Priyanka Chopra & Pitbull, "Exotic"

The combination of the singer/actress' Hindi-pop with Pitbull's fiery rap, plus an Ibiza-ready beat, should warm you up while you're stuck in customs.

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M.I.A., "Amazon"

Go to the "Amazon" with M.I.A. on this addictive track off the singer-rapper's debut album Arular.

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Carly Rae Jepsen, "Run Away With Me"

Sometimes it doesn't matter where you go, just as long as you're going somewhere with someone you love. Carly Rae's irresistible pop jam will inspire you to get moving, and if this sax-inspired gem somehow doesn't work, it's internationally-minded video will.

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