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Happy Father's Day

The 16 Coolest TV Dads Ever

This Father's Day, let's remember the TV dads who made fatherhood look badass and hilarious

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All the Dads in 'Parenthood'

Adam Braverman, Zeek Braverman, Crosby Braverman, and Joel Graham—they're all worthy of the Best Dad in the World title. Especially when they break out their dance moves...

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Uncle Jesse from 'Full House'

Uncle Jesse not only served as a father figure to the Tanner kids, but he also has a set of twins of his own. He was literally the coolest, thanks to his sly attitude, leather jacket and slicked-back hair.

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Phil Dunphey from ‘Modern Family’

Okay, so Phil Dunphey isn't the definition of cool. The awkward and clumsy Modern Family papa is actually the least ~cool~ person on this list. But it's his heart and kind intentions that make him a winning dad.

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Sandy Cohen from ‘The O.C.’

Sandy Cohen was one laidback dude, but he had a good set of morals to teach his kids. Even when he awkwardly gave Seth "the talk" (above), he still made sure everything was all right.

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Grandpa from ‘Hey Arnold’

While it's still a mystery what happened to Arnold's parents, we do know one thing for sure: Grandpa really pulled through when it came to raising Arnold, be it through weird euphemisms or upright morality.

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Goku from 'Dragon Ball Z'

Perhaps a bit of a menace to his wife, Goku is totally rad to his kids. Not only that, he was probably the strongest, most powerful dad in the entire galaxy!

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Bob Belcher from 'Bob’s Burgers'

"Oh my god." Bob Belcher loves his family, even though most of the time he's trying to get them to do their part behind the burger counter. His relationship with daughter Tina is especially endearing.

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Phillip Banks from 'Fresh Prince'

Uncle Phil might've been, well, an uncle, but he was every bit of a dad to the Fresh Prince. RIP, Uncle Phil.

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Andre Johnson from 'Black-ish'

Andre Johnson always makes sure his kids are on the right path—even if he's taken aback by their choices. With his hilarious wife Rainbow by his side, they're the coolest parents currently of network television.

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Carl Winslow from 'Family Matters'

Although Steve Urkel became the main attraction to Family Matters, the Winslow patriarch represented the heart of the show, as a blustery old-school dad with a tender side.

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Michael Kyle from 'My Wife & Kids'

Michael Kyle was only of the funniest fathers on television, giving Claire, Kady and Junior a little tough love stirred in with lots of hilarious energy.

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Coach Eric Taylor from 'Friday Night Lights'

Coach Taylor was a tight-lipped guy who made an enormous impact on dozens of lives on Friday Night Lights, and he did so with a quiet grace that allowed a band of jocks and a struggling teenage daughter to look up to him forever.

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Luke Danes from 'Gilmore Girls'

Luke took care of everyone—including Lorelai's daughter Rory, his nephew Jess and his own daughter April, whom he found out about 12 years after her birth.

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Chip Gaines from 'Fixer Upper'

Chip Gaines is the goofiest DIY dad there is. He channels a Phil Dunphey vibe, harnessing his inner child when it comes to playing with his kids.

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Shoukath Ansari from 'Master of None'

Master of None viewers got to see where Aziz Ansari got his sense of humor when he had his real-life parents on the show, and episode after episode, Shoukath became the true star.

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Bernie Mac from 'The Bernie Mac Show'

Bernie Mac became a father on his show when he took his nieces and nephews under his wing, throwing himself into parenthood. But he learned fast, and even though they got on his nerves, his kids made him a super-cool pseudo-dad.


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