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New Found Glory Rank Their Own Albums: Check Out What's No. 1

Guitarist Chad Gilbert put their nearly 20-year career under the microscope

LEEDS, ENGLAND - MAY 28:  Chad Gilbert of New Found Glory performs on stage during Slam Dunk Festival at Millennium Square  o
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When you ask a band what their favorite album, song, tour, etc. is, you're almost certain to get their most recent work as an answer. So, when New Found Glory put their career under the microscope for Team Rock, did they do the same?

Guitarist Chad Gilbert ranked NFG's albums for the site, and you might be surprised by his No. 1 pick. Of course, head on over to Team Rock for his complete comments, but we pulled out a few highlight quotes from the awesome interview. Click through for his thoughts on their LPs throughout their nearly 20-year career:

8 / 8

'Not Without a Fight' (2009)

"If Not Without a Fight is your favorite record then that’s awesome, but for me, out of all of them, I think I tried the least on that one."

7 / 8

'Catalyst' (2004)

"I think that album is awesome and I like it, but when I listen to it now it doesn’t really make any sense."

6 / 8

'Radiosurgery' (2011)

"I think conceptually there was some disagreement within the band, so even though there are elements of that on it I don’t think it’s as over the top as I wanted it to be."

5 / 8

'Coming Home' (2006)

"That record was very ballsy for us."

4 / 8

'Sticks and Stones' (2002)

"I think it’s our biggest selling record and My Friend’s Over You is still an anthem today; I feel like that song is even larger than our band and it will live on forever even after the band is done."

3 / 8

'New Found Glory' (2000)

"We knew they wanted us to be on the radio and so we could’ve totally sold out, but we didn’t."

2 / 8

'Resurrection' (2014)

"It spoke truth about a lot of the things that we were going through and I think it did it in a way that was fresh for our fans, and they really cling to that album because it’s such an honest record."

1 / 8

'Nothing Gold Can Stay' (1999)

"We had no idea where it would take us, we were just doing it because we loved it, and it’s just crazy to see how things turned out."

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