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Vote: Which Song Should The Fray Perform Live on Fuse?

The pop-rock band takes the stage on Feb. 3 at 8/7C for 'Fuse Live: The Fray Presented by' Which fan favorite should they close the show with? Cast your votes now!

UPDATE: The fans have spoken, and "Wherever This Goes" was voted as The Fray's setlist closer!

Check out Fuse Live: The Fray Presented by for show highlights, and be sure to grab a copy of Helios on February 25.

With their fourth studio album Helios hitting shelves February 25, The Fray are shutting down the Fuse studios for a live, commercial-free show on Monday, February 3—and they want YOU to help pick the set list!

In addition to an exclusive performance of their latest single "Love Don't Die," the pop-rock quartet will also perform a fan favorite that you get to pick right here.

Cast your votes by 7:30 PM EST on Monday, February 3, and tune in to Fuse and at 8/7C for Fuse Live: The Fray Presented by for a performance of the winning song!

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