Lifehouse & Natasha Bedingfield Explain the Meaning of "Between the Raindrops"

It's a consensus: This epic video is a metaphor. But for what? Find out now

The epic video for "Between the Raindrops," Lifehouse's duet with Natasha Bedingfield, is filled with gorgeous shots of nature: galloping horses, sun drenched trees, mountains and, of course, rain storms. But the imagery wasn't chosen at random; it all comes together to give the video a symbolic meaning.  

"The concept was kind of metaphoric in nature," Lifehouse singer Jason Wade tells Fuse. "There's this kind of urgency between myself and Natasha. From a distance, you can feel this massive storm coming. It's a metaphor for life. For making it through turbulent times. "

Bedingfield had a similar take on the song and video."The video is very symbolic," she says. "It's about relationships. It's about the struggles we go through and the safety of having someone you know, and how incredible it is when you do get through those struggles. "

For more, including information about the location of the video shoot, watch the full interview above. And be sure to check out the "Between the Raindrops" video below!

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