January 25, 2012


Coldplay Announce Spring/Summer Tour - 10 Reasons to Go!

John Shearer
John Shearer

Coldplay will pack up their matching, neon-colored get-ups and kiss their fruit- and biblical-named children goodbye this coming spring and summer (“Ta-ta, Apple! Cheerio, Moses!”) and hit the road for a massive world tour behind their new album, the weirdly-named Mylo Xyloto (we still don’t get it). Either way – exciting, right? Right!?! Sure, Coldplay are easy targets for your rock rancor – their music is a bit soft’n’sappy and who doesn’t hate frontman Chris Martin for stealing away Gwyneth Paltrow’s single-dom. But, still, there are 10 good reasons to buy a ticket for their gig in a town near you. Here we go…

10. Because they’re self-aware. Coldplay understand their music and its place, and are prone to joke about it onstage, too (“Thanks for letting your girlfriends drag you here,” Martin has cracked). It’s charming and assuring.

9. Um, have you seen Martin’s cornflower blue eyes? Soooo dreamy.

8. Confetti butterflies! Kaleidoscopic lights! And the band, especially Martin, works very hard for your dollar—he’s breaking a sweat for you, and his efforts pay off. Prepare to sing along.

7. Because, guys, there’s nothing more vulnerable than a sobbing girl. And there are gonna be thousands of ‘em.

6. Because, ladies, it’s a good way to test your man’s sensitivity. If he doesn’t well up during “Green Eyes,” “Fix You,” or “The Scientist,” dump him.

5. Because Parachutes, Coldplay’s debut, is a criminally underrated album. Forget “Yellow”—check out “Sparks,””Shiver,” and “We Never Change.”

4. Because, as Martin has mentioned over and over again, Coldplay have a shelf-life—you never know when they’ll be gone. 

3. Because the probability of a live cross-genre collabo is high. Rihanna? Jay-Z? Kanye? It’s not out of the question.

2. Because their new album is awesome: Colorful and gorgeous, it’s Coldplay’s heart-aching pop melodies and lush experimental side distilled.

1. Because you won’t have to go next time they come to town.