January 26, 2012


The Genre Report: Softest Rap Battle Ever & More

HIP HOP: Lamest Rap Beef Ever Continues
"I really honestly don't know how things will end," Common said about his ongoing beef with Drakewhile the hip-hop world rolled its collective eyes. The pair have yet to make up, with Common telling Bossip, "If you come at me, I'ma fight until the end. I'm not talking about physical. I'm talking about emceeing." While it's nice to see there'll presumably be no violence from this--did anyone expect otherwise from two walking hug machines?--every day that goes by is another day hip-hop loses. [HipHopDX]

INDIE: Marissa Nadler Preps New Album
Singer-songwriter Marissa Nadler just released her eponymous fifth album last year, but damn if the girl's got more to say. The Boston-based musician announced a June release for The Sister, calling it "a sister" to her last album. Makes sense. [Pitchfork]

COUNTRY: Merle Haggard Sickened
Seventy-four-year-old country music outlaw Merle Haggard has spent most of his time in bed and not in the cool, "What time does your husband come home?" way of so many country songs. Mighty Merle's been out with even mightier double pneumonia, having to postpone the remainder of his January tour dates. The "Okie from Muskogee" singer is currently taking aggressive antibiotics, but if he can beat up jealous husbands and jump off trains (in song, at least), he can kick this. [Pollstar]

FUNK/SOUL: Vaunted Label Launches Subscription Service
Venerable indie label Stones Throw, the label responsible for your favorite left-field hip-hop album and funk and soul reissue, announced a digital subscription service featuring DRM-free MP3s for $10 a month.The initial launch will include three releases, Homeboy Sandman's Subject: Matter EP, The Minimal Wave Tapes Vol. 2 and M.E.D.'s Classic Instrumentals album, though more releases are expected in the near future. [Billboard]