January 31, 2012


Jack White Drops Solo Track

Jack White’s debut solo record was announced this afternoon, and it’ll spend the next three months being described as “highly anticipated” before it officially comes out on April 23rd. The album is calledBlunderbuss, which is both an old-timey kind of shotgun and an old-timey way of saying “idiot.”

Blunderbuss was also the name of a fictionalized local music festival on the TV show Portlandia, which I think was a joke about festivals with funny-sounding names like Bonnarroo and Bumbershoot. The jury is still out on how many entendres Jack White meant to stuff intoBlunderbuss. Anyway, the press release that announced Blunderbuss was accompanied by a link to a stream of the first single, called “Love Interruption,” which sounds terrific and reminds me of one of those gentler, less electric White Stripes songs like "Hotel Yorba" or "We’re Going to Be Friends." Stream the single here or pre-order your 7” copy of the single here and check out the video below: