January 25, 2012


Hear Rick Rubin's Remix of Justice's "On'N'On"

Respect to the other cats who remixed Justice's "On'N'On" for the group's upcoming EP, but no name is bigger than former Def Jam poobah, über-producer and all-around imprimatur of coolness Rick Rubin. The 48-year-old isn't too old to play with the kids, turning in a funkier, cowbell-laden remix of the original's Emerson, Lake and Palmer soft-rock vibe.

In a rambling but heartfelt letter accompanying the release, Justice manager/Ed Banger Records head Pedro Winter recalls the first three cassettes he ever bought—all coincidentally produced by Rubin—before detailing his lovefest with the producer, ending the letter with "Not only is it a dream, it's an honor to have him on board. "Monsieur DJ Double R I salute you!"

Officially titled "JUSTICE "ON'N'ON" RUINED BY RICK RUBIN," the track is part of an EP featuring remixes by Brodinski, Tiga, Erol Aikan and Video Village available for pre-order now.