January 26, 2012


Ready, Set, Argue! Lana Del Rey’s ‘Born to Die’ Leaks Online

Nicole Nodland
Nicole Nodland

It’s the day the embattled music world has been waiting for: Lana Del Rey’s controversial debut album, Born to Die, has leaked online before its official January 30 release. We all knew it would happen, and, honestly, it’s surprising it held on this long before finally slipping out. So, will Born to Die deliver the final word in the argument over Lana’s authenticity and true talent? Will NBC anchor Brian Williams, who, ahem, wasn’t exactly a fan of Lana’s appearance on Saturday Night Live, eat his own words? Doubtful.

Expect the bitter naysayers and raving super fans, who have been duking it out in the comment section the internet over, to use it as evidence of both Lana’s worthlessness and pure genius, respectively. But—you know what?—forget them. What do you think of Born to Die? Check out the album online (a simple Google search will do; we’d post it here, but we’d prefer to keep our jobs. Hey, those chocolate bars don’t pay for themselves). Love it? Hate it? Post your thoughts below, then rewatch Lana’s SNL set because… why the f--k not?