January 25, 2012


Steel Panther Scare Brit Prudes With Album Ad

Los Angeles’ joke-y hair metal rockers Steel Panther already seriously upset the hipper-than-thou writers over at Vice magazine, and now the foursome have generally pissed off the entire United Kingdom, or at least the uptight suits in charge of its Advertising Standards Authority (ASA). According to NME, Steel Panther’s advertisement for their third album, Balls Out, which shows a bikini babe dangling a pair of steel balls from her crotch (classy) alongside the words “Balls Out,” has been banned from public display. Apparently, the advert ran outdoors from October to November, and received quite a few complaints, including one from Imkaan, a charity representing women from ethnic backgrounds who have been victims of abuse and violence.

The ASA took issue, ruling that the ad was “overtly sexual,” unsuitable for children, and would "cause serious and widespread offence [edit: damn Brits think they know how to spell, too].” In response, Steel Panther’s label Universal said they should’ve been more cautious when selecting the locations for the posters (like, across the street from the Imkaan HQ probably isn’t a good spot), but defended the band and their intentions, claiming that the Balls Out image matched Steel Panther’s "ludicrously over the top" persona. True that.

What do I think? Well, sure, the poster can be interpreted as slightly offensive. And, yes, caution should be exercised when picking the locations to post it. But banned? Hell no. Have you seen the content of those British tabloids? You can order a friggin’ prostitute, aka “escort.” And if you turn on the TV, you’ll see a million images that far surpass Steel Panther’s Balls Out ad on the smut-o-meter. The Brits are known for their “cheeky” humor, too, which often includes nudity from far less attractive people. So, clearly, the execs for the ASA are just jealous of SP’s rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle. Clearly… But enough from me. What do you think? Sound off in the comments below. And long live America! (Cue hair metal rendition of the “Star-Spangled Banner.”)