January 25, 2012


Genre Report: Keith Urban, Mastodon, Belle & Sebastian

Jason Merritt
Jason Merritt

Country – Australian country singer and reluctant tabloid figure Keith Urban has been recovering from vocal cord surgery, an unfortunate injury if your career is based on, you know, singing. The singer gave his first post-surgery interview to noted country music site Access Hollywood, admitting that he couldn’t utter a sound for three weeks. “You can’t cry, you can’t sneeze, you can’t cough, you can’t clear your throat,” said Urban. Comedians around the country prepared their, “If that was my wife, there’d be no problem” punchlines. [Access Hollywood]

Metal – Atlanta metal band Mastodon has found someone as warped as them to helm the new video for their latest single “Dry Bone Valley.” Fine artist and animator Tim Biskup linked up with the group ahead of their UK tour to make the hallucinogenic video below that will now haunt your dreams and choke your soul. We’re digging this, but we’re still hoping the band makes an entire video out of this. [NME]

Dance – Oh, hello you from a decade ago. Remember Another Late Night, the compilation series that had your favorite DJs and electronic musicians pick their favorite late-night tracks so marketing executives could continue using the words “chillout” and “trip-hop”? It morphed into Late Night Tales in 2003 and is still going strong, pulling in MGMT, Trentemoller and Midlake last year. Belle and Sebastian helmed one in 2006 and will be the first artist to re-up, issuing a new mix on March 26. And they included ethio-jazz legend Mulatu Astatke in their tracklist! (That’s good news.) [Pitchfork]

Hip-Hop – Think Drake and Common started rapper beef? Hip-hop pioneers Marley Marl and MC Shan are now beefing over the latter’s exclusion from “The Symphony,” the Otis Redding-sampling classic released in 1988 (?!) A few years ago, “Symphony” MC Masta Ace said that Shan felt he’d be "playing himself" (‘80s hip-hop slang!) to appear on a song with "new jacks" (again!). Rappers being rappers, Shan took three years to reply, claiming Marley Marl took credit for beats he didn’t produce. Masta Ace turns out to be the voice of reason here, saying today that “It’s a little sad” for the pioneers to be beefing. We’ll assume he means “sad” in every sense of the word. [HipHopDX]