February 24, 2012


"Pearl Jam" Pays Musical Tribute to Jeremy Lin


Late night talk show host Jimmy Fallon already proved adept at aping Neil Young and David Bowie, so why not add Eddie Vedder to his list of musical impersonations?

If you weren’t up past your bedtime yesterday, you missed Fallon rework "Jeremy," Pearl Jam’s 1992 single from Ten,to pay tribute to—who else these days?—Knicks player Jeremy Lin. 

 “Now he’s famous/Just turned down a date with Kim Kardashian,” Fallon sings, bathed in a dark red light not unlike the original music video. “Spike Lee’s on the sidelines cheering/And tickets to a game cost 800 bucks/Now that the Knicks are winning/It’s a miracle.” 

Lin is the biggest pop culture phenomenon in sports since… well, I guess Tim Tebow, which really wasn’t that long ago. Incidentally, Fallon's Bowie impersonation was about Tebow, so apparently this is his new thing. You can watch it at NBC's site

You have to wonder what Jeremy Lin is feeling about all this so-called "Linsanity." If you were flipping through channels and caught someone reworking a very dark grunge song to pay tribute to you, would you laugh, feel proud or just flip around channels until you found the one playing Con Air?

This is a moot question, though, because Jeremy Lin has no business staying up late. For the sake of the Knicks, his fans, and the future of basketball, he needs an enforced 10pm bedtime. Perhaps he could drift off to sleep listening to that relaxing music he told Fuse about....