February 22, 2012


Adam Lambert On Working With Pharrell: "I'm Not Cool Enough"

Adam Lambert took a break from hosting Fuse's Top 100 Sexy Beats to tell us about hitting the studio with Pharrell for his upcoming second album, Trespassing.

“I went to Miami and I remember thinking, ‘I’m not cool enough to be here in his studio, what the hell am I doing here?’” Lambert admitted. But after he and Pharrell started talking and found some common ground, they got rolling in a direction Lambert describes as “earthier” and “funky.”

Lambert told us he’s even dressing slightly more normal these days, (even with that mile-high hair). “I’m still weird compared to the next guy,” he acknowledged. “But it’s organic glam. That’s what I’m calling it: organic glam.” And a new subgenre of music is born.

The glam-rastic rocker also helped explain his symbolic new music video for "Better Than I Know Myself."

“I’m actually playing dark and light sides of myself, not good and bad necessarily,” Lambert explained. “The video is saying it’s not black and white. Even in the darkness there’s something alluring or redeeming or sexy about that side. And then the light side, he’s really zen and really content and happy with everything, but he’s a little boring,” he laughed. “So I think there’s some kind of grey area in between.” 

Watch the full interview above and tell us what you think about Glambert and Pharrell making music together.