February 29, 2012


Are You the Next Tupac?


For that curiously specific cross-demographic that loves gangsta rap and musical theatre, today's your lucky day.

As Allhiphop.com reports (via Playbill), Holler If You Hear Me, a new musical based on the life of Tupac Shakur, will be holding open auditions on Saturday, March 10 in New York.

So what does it take to do "Hit 'Em Up" in the style of Sondheim? Producers are looking for "African American male and female rappers ages 18 – 35. Additionally seeking one Caucasian actor ages 20 – 25 with a strong facility for rap and terrific guitar skills. Strong legit singing voices a plus for all, but not required."

Aspiring 'Pacs need to be ready with "A rap of choice under two minutes. We will supply a boom box if needed. Singers should prepare 16 - 32 bars of an uptempo song to sing a capella. You may bring your own accompaniment if you want." Guys, have you never been to a hip hop show? In rap, "Your own accompaniment" means 12 hypemen, six beatboxers, four b-boys and 20 random hangers-on in puffy jackets thug dancing. This could get ugly. 

Directed by Broadway veteran Kenny Leon, the musical has been approved by Shakur's mother. So if past experience follows suit, expect to see 38 more versions of the musical released, all with the same songs, but re-ordered to look like a new version.

Get the full details on Playbill, but if you need inspiration: