February 16, 2012


Artist Covers Lana Del Rey's "Video Games" Using Game Boys

Nicole Nodland
Nicole Nodland

A Seattle-based "chiptune" artist named Leeni must have put about a million hours of work into covering brooding indie starlet Lana Del Rey's massive internet single "Video Games" as both a song and a video. The song is a little truer to the original than the video is (for those of you out there keeping track of the relative accuracy of Lana Del Rey covers), but the whole thing is a lot more fun than the last public stab at animating Lana Del Rey: that bizarre Taiwanese animation of her career.

The audio cover of "Video Games" was made using two Game Boys, to get that unmistakable old-timey bleep-bloop video game tone, and the video cover was put together using footage from mostly Barbie (but also The Legend of Zelda, Outrun, and Lunar Pool) video games.

So check out the clip of an animated Del Rey (a.k.a. Barbie) driving past palm trees, dancing in a home disco with a close friend, dancing next to huge musical notes and doing a bunch of other fun stuff below!